Total comfort


Total comfort mattress with the divan bed base is designed to give your bedroom a classy look and with the comfortable mattress you can sleep comfortably for the whole night. The mattress contours the body where the air bubbles spread on the sides resulting in relief for the whole body.

The above price includes: the divan bed base + mattress.

Description :

Total comfort- A night therapy mattress reduces body pressures and aches, making sure a calm sleep with the attractive looking divan bed base.

The mattress has combined high density reflex and memory foam helping to keep the body aligned. The foam shapes the body accordingly, contours by being responsive to the heat and pressure and places air bubble on all the sides that provides high relief to the whole body.

With the 3D breathing border the air flow increase improves the air flow and circulation in the mattress. The 3D feature also helps in regulation of the body temperature, maintains the warmth and lets you sleep comfortably.

The mattress has used micro quilt fabric cover on it, with soft anti-static stretch. The individual pocket springs give immediate comfort and equal pressure relief support for all night long.