Sofa Measuring Guide

Getting a new sofa is an exciting prospect. We want to help you make sure it fits through all the access points and in your living space. Please take a little time read our guide below on how to measure your sofa to make sure it’s a perfect fit.
Step 1: Measuring the entrance to your property
In the excitement of buying their new furniture, some of our customers forget to check that their carefully chosen purchase will actually fit into their home.
We will do everything possible to complete the delivery but can accept no responsibility for goods that are too large to get into the house. To avoid any embarrassment and potential cost of such problem, check the measurements below to ensure a successful delivery.
Measure the heights (A) and the widths (B) of any hallways and door accesses, as well as the entry clearance (C).
Step 2: Measure your chosen furniture
Either measure your chosen furniture yourself, or ask a member of our trained staff to do it for you. Items displayed on this website include basic dimensions, but you may need to visit your local store to obtain additional measurements.
For sofas, first measure the width (i), followed by the diagonal depth (ii). The diagonal depth may be determined by first placing a straight edge from the highest point of the back frame (excluding cushions) to the front of the arm.
Then measure from the bottom rear corner of the sofa up to the point that bisects the straight edge.
Can your sofa fit through the access points?
Measure the Height (H) and Width (W) of your door.
Make the path around the doorway is clear and unobstructed.
Consider any fixtures and fittings and immovable objects such as gas meters and radiators.
Measuring the diagonal depth (DD) of the sofa will help you to understand whether it will go through the door at an angle. From the side of the sofa, measure from the top left or right corner of armrest to the opposite bottom corner.
To get your sofa through the doorway it may help to place the sofa on one end and twist the sofa into the doorway seat first.
Measure the length between the door and interior wall to ensure there is enough room to manoeuvre the sofa into the desired room. You may need to stand the sofa on its end or twist it into the doorway.
Measure the height (H), width (W) and depth (D) of the stairwell to allow turning on the stairs.
Please note that different floors may have different stairwell heights and note if there are any doors or turns in the stairwell.
Measure the height and width of the lift door and the dimensions inside the lift, including the diagonal height from the bottom front to the top back, in case the sofa needs to fit into the lift at an angle.
Please contact us to find out the sofa weight to ensure it is within the maximum load limit of the lift.
Where to place your sofa?
To be sure that your new sofa fits into your room, we suggest using masking tape to mark out the amount of space it requires.
Check that you have enough room to move around your sofa and to open doors and drawers once it’s in place.
Don’t forget to also measure the height of the area where your sofa will be positioned to ensure it can be manoeuvred into place.
To gauge a safe distance between your leather sofa and a radiator to prevent cracking, move your hand away from the radiator until you can no longer feel its heat; at minimum, this should be about a foot (30cm).
Make sure you order the correct configuration !
See the below images for LHF or RHF Corner/Chaise Sofas.