Supreme Vasco Ortho


Supreme vasco ortho mattress comes with generous fillings and consists of orthopaedic springs lets you sleep comfortably for the whole night. The base of the divan bed is ideally designed to contour the muscles of the body and regulate the body temperature accordingly by eliminating the feeling of restlessness. The price mentioned here includes on the mattress and the divan bed base without the storage space.

The above price includes: the mattress+ divan base.

Description :

The supreme vasco ortho mattress is made with high quality fabric, with deep layer filling. It holds orthopaedic sprung feature that helps in sleeping peacefully.

The memory foam is made with visco- elastic material that adjusts with the body shape responding to the pressure and heat of your body which helps in relaxing and contouring the muscles of the body, letting you sleep peacefully at night.

The mattress is made with hypo- allergenic fabric that’s stretchable which results in making the mattress durable and gives your mattress a long age. The borders of the mattress holds 3D breathable feature which progresses the circulation of air in the mattress. The mattress also holds a feature which helps in regulating your body temperature so you sleep without any restlessness.

The spring orthopaedic unit helps in supporting your back and spine which relieves joint and body aches. The thick rod edging made around the mattress eliminates the roll and allows you to sleep comfortably.