Sienna mattress is the perfect choice for the people who suffer with sleeping problem. The mattress has used visco latex foam which distributes the body weight equally on the mattress by keeping your body aligned and structured for the whole night. The mattress consists of generous polyester fillings giving high level of comfort for the whole night. The price mentioned here combines mattress and the bed frame which comes at a very reasonable price. Place your order now to get free delivery service all over UK.

The price mentioned here includes the mattress+ divan base.

Description :

Highly comfortable mattress for those who suffer for disturbed sleeping pattern. The smart visco latex foam divides the body weight equally, contours and shapes the body, relives joint pressures and pain. The visco latex foam help in keeping the shoulders and body aligned and contours the body as well.

The anti static stretchable fabric adjusts to your body curves. The fabric is highly durable which increases the strength of the mattress. It’s very refreshing and allows breathing space. The mattress comes with deep fillings of polyesters which gives it a very attractive and luxurious look along with comfortable place to sleep on.