Memory ortho


Memory orthopedic mattress with the divan bed base gives a contemporary look to the room. Memory orthopedic mattress adjusts with the body shape and temperature. The temperature sensitive properties contours and adjust with the body temperature. The mattress consists of hypo allergenic stretchable fabric with 3D breathable feature and traditional hand tufts with the orthopedic spring construction keep them securely at their place.


Description :

The mattress is made for increasing the durability. It gives extra ordinary and firm edge support. The memory orthopedic mattress gives relief to your whole body and gives you ideal sleeping position, relieves neck and back pains.

The deep foamic layers of the mattress has temperature sensitive properties which contours and adjusts with your body temperature, makes you sleep comfortably, keeping your shoulders, hips and back aligned.

The mattress has used hypo-allergenic stretchable fabric and the layering adds to the age of mattress. The mattress comes with 3D breathable feature letting the air flow and circulation in the mattress helping in regulating the body temperature giving you maximum comfort and support while sleeping. The mattress is traditionally hand tufted with orthopaedic springs resulting in the perfect posture and accurate position of your back and spine helps in relieving body aches.