Everest Single Divan Base + Mattress Set


Everest mattress and divan bed base is designed to cater the modern lifestyle giving your room a touch of elegance and luxurious lifestyle. The high density foam helps in eliminating tossing and turning for the whole night. The mattress is supported with a thick rod helping in reducing muscle and back pains resulting in peaceful and happy sleep for the whole night.

The above price includes: the mattress+ divan base.

Description :

The mattress is made with the high density blue foam material which is highly comfortable, providing firm edges and great level of support. The high density foam helps in eliminating the possibility of having foam collapsed under the body; it provides maximum support which is very soft.

The layer of polyester with combination of micro quilted fabric gives a luxurious feeling and makes the mattress more durable and of good quality. The orthopedic springs work consistently with support of a thick rod that helps in giving your back and spine muscle a lot of support which results in relieving back and body pains.