Velvet Sofabed - 3 Seater Sofabed

This exclusive 3 seater Velvet sofa bed is a welcomed edition of Chesterfield here at The English Sofa Company. A classic of its kind with a modern twist. The edition has genuine Swarovski ™ crystals as an alternative to traditional fabric buttons and also comes with chrome studs around the arm facings.

Velvet Sofabed 3 Seater Sofabed

Height: 74cm
Depth: 94cm
Width: 203cm
Arm Width: 30cm
Seat Depth: 56cm
Seat Height: 47cm
Arm Height: 71cm
Carcass Height Without Feet: 75cm
Internal Seating Width: 143cm
Sleeping Area: 180x135cm
Sleeps: 2
230cm needed to extended bed

Available Colours for the ranges & Prices

A. Range House Fabrics
Cream, Fudge, Nutmeg, Slate , Wheat , Sand , Regency Grey , Steal , Gallant Grey, Charcoal , Heather

B. Range Classic Fabrics
Snow, Linen, Oban, Silver, Silver, Hopsack, Marmore, Dove , Grey , Mist, French Grey, Clay, Slate , Bluebell, Quartz , Iron, Delft Blue, Buckskin, Wedgewood
Navy, Fuchsia , Cherry , Plum

C. Range British Fabrics & Velvets
Champagne, Aubergine, Duck Egg, Slate Blue, Coffee, Sea Blue, Spin Drift, Sesame, Chalk Pink, Amethyst, Charcoal, Plain Grey, Union, Blue, Mole, Silt, Teal, Nightshade, Vervain, Poppy Seed, Natural, Hessian, Iron, Wedgewood, Sea Mist, Coal, Pistachio, Nectar, Crimson, Spruce, Slate, Grey

D. Range English Wools
Hessian, Limestone, Sandpiper, Reflection Hessian, Shale, Granite, Richmond Check

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