In tencel mattress you get the most refreshing feel while sleeping because of the recyclable solvents used inside them. The foam filling also provides zero gravity giving you the feel of weightlessness which reduces body aches and pressures. The prices mentioned here include the mattress and divan bed base.

The above price includes: the divan bed base + mattress.

Description :

Tencel mattress comes with natural cellulosic fibre obtained from eucalyptus trees’ essence that gives your skin a balance to provide you healthy sleep, this natural fibre essence is also known as sleep technology.

Tencel; a fibre made with wood pulp using recyclable solvents gives a cool and refreshing touch to you while sleeping. The fabric used in the mattress is as good as polyster, along with no question on durability and controls bacteria growth. With botanic origin it also makes sure that the mattress holds good breathing properties, and has silky soft touch.

The zero gravity foam filling lets you have the feeling of weightlessness, reduces the spine pressure, lets your body settle on the mattress comfortably without any restlessness.

The high density foam perimeter inside the mattress gives a soft and full support on all edges, making the mattress durable. The mattress holds the body pressure equally. Relieving body pressures, body aches and provides relief from pain.