Soft touch


Soft touch mattress gives the softest feel with the divan base which holds a durable frame with the perfect touch of elegance and stylish looks. The large woolen tufts keep the layering and springs in their place securely. The price mentioned here includes the divan base and the mattress. Place your order now and get free delivery service all over UK.

The price mentioned here includes the mattress+ divan base.

Description :

The mattress holds the statement of luxurious living. It has used zoned support system which is highly effective in reducing joint pressures and aches making you sleep peacefully. The visco elastic memory foam lets your body shape fall easily on the mattress giving you’re a pain free calm sleep for the whole night.

The multiple layers in combination of padding, wadding and fillings support the back and spine of the body. The high quality stretchable fabric results in protection and durability of the mattress.

The layers are held by large woolen tufts, which work consistently holding the pocket springs individually giving amazing support to the whole body.