Sherwood Oak DVD/CD Storage Cabinet - 9 Drawers - NEW

Embodying classic style, the Sherwood Oak DVD/CD Storage Cabinet with 9 Drawers will make a timeless addition to any household, transforming your home. Its nine drawers capable of containing a number of CDs and DVDs effortlessly, this cabinet is ideal for organising your home. Meanwhile, the sophisticated design ensures it will add taste and polish to any dining or living room. Try accessorising its top with a plant, photographs or ornaments.


  • Nine drawers finished with simple steel handles.
  • Able to store a number of DVDs and CDs easily.
  • Encapsulates a classic style. 

                                                                  Dimensions – Height 71cm  Width 65cm  Depth 36.5cm

                                                                  Drawer Dimensions:

                                                                  H: 16.6cm
                                                                  W: 16.6cm
                                                                  D: 26.8cm