Ruby mattress is designed with multiple layers. The layers protect the mattress and increases its age and adds a plump feel. The cover of the mattress is made with high quality damask fabric making it strong enough and durable. The orthopaedic sprung construction in the mattress relieves from muscular and back aches.

The price mentioned here includes the mattress+ divan base


Ruby an attractively made mattress with the multiple layering gives more luxurious feeling, protects the mattress by increasing the age and the layering makes which gives the the mattress durability and adds plumpness to the mattress.

An orthopaedic feature spring mattress consistently held with a thick rod, which adds more support to the back and spine of yours. The mattress is made with durable quality material which won’t age quickly.

The high quality damask fabric used in the cover on all the sides makes the mattress more durable. Place your order now and get free delivery service all over UK. On-day with cash on delivery service is available for customers in London.