Ortho Duluxe


Ortho duluxe mattress and the divan base add a contemporary style to the room giving it elegant and luxurious feel. The divan base frame is made with durable quality material with various fabric options available. The ortho duluxe mattress helps in contouring the body and keeping shoulders, hips and back aligned. The orthopaedic spring construction in the mattress relives the body aches.

Description :

The orthopaedic spring unit and deep filled layers in the mattress give a lot of support in sleeping and resting your body, adapts to your body shape, contours and supports your back and spinal cord in all sleeping postures, gives your inter vertebral discs the right rest.

The multiple layers fill in the mattress and give you a luxurious feeling. The multiple layering also adds to the age of mattress and gives it plumpness.

A high quality damask fabric is used in the mattress which makes it attractive and soft. The border of the mattress is hand tufted in black chenille to make the edges firm and provides your mattress a lot of strength. The orthopaedic spring unit gives support to your back and spine muscles, letting you sleep peacefully, relieving body pain.