Manhattan is a semi orthopaedic spring construction mattress with micro quilted borders giving you a comfortable whole night’s sleep. The traditional hand tufts keep the springs right at their place giving you a luxurious sleep for the whole night. The open coil spring construction adjusts according to the posture of the body reliving joint pressures and body aches.

Description :

A semi orthopaedic spring mattress with rod edges on all sides gives you a comfortable sleep for all night. The combined layering of filling and wadding are held on its place safely through woolen tufts, traditionally hand tufted which gives a luxurious feeling of comfort while sleeping. The extra layers of fillings equally distribute the weight of body on the mattress and the layering also makes the mattress durable.

The high quality damask fabric used in the mattress for its cover on all sides with micro quilted border makes the mattress highly comfortable, flexible and long lasting. The open coil spring unit system adjusts to the body posture and relives body aches and pains.