Hamilton Single mattress + divan base Set


Hamilton mattress and the divan bed base gives your room the contemporary touch it needs. The mattress comes with a firm support on the edges helping in reducing joint pains and body aches. The generous fillings give the whole body a luxurious and soft feel for the whole night. The side stitched borders of the mattress increase the age of the mattress and its durability.

The above price includes: the mattress+ divan base.

Description :

A highly comfortable mattress made with visco latex foam which provides firm support and releases joint pressures and aches for a comfortable night sleep.

Your body stays aligned; it also molds and contours your body, gives relief to your whole body. The mattress is filled with multiple layering which gives a very luxurious feeling, and the layering adds to the age of mattress.

The high quality viscose fabric creates a great comfort level on the mattress sides; with the finish of side stitched border which provides an attractive look to the mattress that also makes it durable and gives it extra strength.

You can get soft touch and the pocket sprung feature eliminates the roll too, the springs work independently because of the individual springs.