Fiber Comfort Divan Bed Set HeadBord + Base + Mattress


Fiber Comfort mattress Divan Bed is a great mattress for night therapy. Amazingly soft I- Fibre mattress, releases body pressure making sure to get you a great sleep at night.
The combined memory and high density reflex foam, keeps your body aligned. The mattress contours your body responding to the heat and pressure of the body. The air bubble spread on the sideways which provide high level of relief to the whole body.
3D breathable mattress borders increase the flow of air and improve the circulation in the mattress that also helps in maintaining the warmth and balances body temperature giving you comfort in your sleep. The fabric of the mattress is micro- quilted with soft anti- static stretch.
The individual pocket spring mattress foam relieves pressure from the whole body which ultimately results in peaceful sleep for whole night.

Description :

The fibre comfort mattress gives the following features:

  • 3D breathable mattress borders
  • Memory and high density reflex foam
  • Micro quilted
  • Soft anti-static stretch
  • Individual pocket sprung

The fibre comfort mattress comes with the whole divan set as in offers “the headboard, mattress and the divan bed base”. The fibre mattress acts as an amazing solution to sleeping problems with its soft touch its takes you to a heavenly place.

The fibre comfort mattress is a combination of memory and high density reflex foam which helps in keeping the body posture align. The air bubbles in the mattress spread away on the sideways when you lay down and that ends up giving relief to the whole body. In response to the heat and pressure of the body the mattress contours and provides relief from body aches and pressures.

The set is available for:

  • Single bed
  • Small double bed
  • Double bed
  • King size
  • Super king size

The mattress is composed of 3D breathable feature which increases air flow and ends up improving circulation in mattress. The fibre mattress maintains the body temperature and warmth providing ease while sleeping. The prices mentioned here are for the complete bed set (divan base+ mattress + headboard).