Bevel Solid Sheesham Rosewood Plasma Wide TV Bench / Cabinet / Stand / Unit

The Bevel range from Classically Modern is hand crafted from the finest solid Sheesham (Rosewood) timbers where each piece is dry-kilned and treated prior to it’s production.
Solid Sheesham is typically sourced from India, Nepal and Pakistan and is an incredibly hard wood with has a gorgeous chestnut colour.
Each piece in the Bevel range is then treated with a dark stain which removes the lighter highlights in the wood whilst still showcasing it’s natural finish. Since this is a natural product every piece of timber used has it’s own markings and characteristics making every single piece of furniture within this range truly unique.
All pieces within this range have hand finished rounded corners and chunky 40mm thick edged tops. The range is finished with stunning portcullis style handles.
This is an entirely solid range with no veneered panels.
Width: 135cm
Height: 50cm
Depth: 45cm
The size of the 2 central open sections is 43cm x 15cm x 40cm (w/h/d)
The size of the 2 side compartments is 33cm x 32cm x 37cm (w/h/d)