Aruba Encapsulated 1000/2000 Mattress & King Size Divan Bed Base


Aruba mattress comes in two variations:

Encapsulated 1000 or

Encapsulated 2000

The visco latex foam used in the mattress supports the whole body giving the relaxing feel while sleeping. The 2 way stretchable silk fabric comes with high quality damask fabrics side stitched border eliminating joint pressures and relives body aches.

The above price includes: the divan bed base + mattress.

Description :

Aruba extremely soft combines the benefits of new visco latex along with reflex foam to give support equally to the whole body. The mattress gives whole body the proper alignment.

The foam filling used in the mattress senses the weight of body, adjust to the body curves. Recovers instantly because of the rebound property if you move to the different area of the mattress giving you soft feeling.

The mattress is stitch in 2 ways stretchable silk material, with damask side stitched border. The individual pocket spring provides comfort in an instant which offers you pressure relief from the joint.