Designed and Uniquely manufactured by Sofa Savvy the Aeon Sofa is a contemporary classic of Italian design, updated from several earlier editions. By a simple articulation, the design allows a wide range of coupling and combination, accommodating both the quiet night in, as well as those evenings entertaining with friends and family. The components can be without arms or keeping only the left or right, in a chaise lounge formation. Birch is used for the main weight bearing areas of the frame. This wood is from select hardwood lumbers, all of which have been carefully dried, milled and processed to remove defects, which could cause structural weakness. Coupled with the finest Real Leather and space for the family the Aeon also comes in a variety of colours and made to measure.

Available Colours:


  We can make this sofa is any colour and any size of your choice

 Dimensions: 259X334X259 Cm

2Seater Left Side Size:167X90X75X Cm

2Seater Left Corner Size:167X92X75 Cm

2 Seater Right Corner Size:167X92X75 Cm

2Seater Right Side Size:167X100X75 Cm